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Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity


On November 25 in:

1120, the White Ship sinks in the English Channel,drowning Willliam Adelin, son and heir of Henry I of England;

1864:  A group of Confederate operatives calling themselves the Confederate Army of Manhattan starts fires in more than 20 locations in an unsuc cessful attempt to burn down New York City;

1915, Albert Einstein presents the field equations of general ralativity to the Prussian Academy of Sciences;

1947, The "Hollywood Ten" are blacklisted by Hollywood movie studios;

1952, Agatha Christie's murder-mystery play The Mousetrap opens at the Ambassador's Theatre in London.  It will become the longest continuously-running play in history; and in

1984, Thirty-six top British musicians (including Bono, Sting and Boy George) gather in a Notting Hill studio to record Band-Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" in order to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. 


The Day of Six Billion!

On October 12, in:

1775, the US Navy is formed;

1792, the first Columbus Day is celebrated in the US, in NYC: 

1915, the Ford Company manufactured its one millionth Model-T; and

1999, the six billionth person in the world is born to a first-time mother in a Sarajevo hospital!




Beatles last concert for paying fans and devastation at the hand of Katrina

On August 29 in:


 1758,  the first Native American reservation is established at Indian Mills, N.J.;


1915, Swedish-English actress Ingrid Begman is born;


1958, the United States Air Force Academy opens in Colorado Springs, Colorado;


1966, The Beatles perform their last concert before paying fans at Candlestick Park in San Francisco; and in


2005,  Hurricane Katrina devastates much of the U.S. Gulf Coast from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle, killing an estimated 1,836 people and causing over $108 billion in damage.



Scorching in Chicago and Gift of the Magi author exits from prison

On July 24 in:


1935, The Dust Bowl heat wave reaches its peak, sending temperatures to 109 degrees  in Chicago, Illinois and 104 in Milwaukee, WI.;


1897, American pilot Amelia Earhart is born;


1901, O. Henry is released from prison in Columbus, Ohio after serving three years for embezzlement from a bank ;


1567, Mary, Queen of Scots, is forced to abdicate and replaced by her 1-year-old son James VI; and in


1915, The passenger ship S.S. Eastland capsizes while tied to a dock in the Chicago River. A total of 844 passengers and crew are killed in the largest loss of lilfe disaster from a single shipwreck on the Great Lakes. 

Walt Disney World and the Marriage of Figaro

1786, in Vienna,Austria, Mozart's opera, the Marriage of Figaro is performed for the first time;


1915, The RMS, Lusitania departs from New York City on her 202 and final crossing of the North Atlantic.  Six days later, the sip is torpedoed off the coast of Ireland with the loss of 1,198 lives, including 128 Americans, rousing American sentiment against Germany;


1933, the Humanist Manifest I is published;


1884, Moses Fleetwood Walker becomes the first black person to play in a professional baseball game in the United States;


1940, the  Summer Olympics are cancelled due to war; and in


1707, the Act of Union joins the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland to form the Kindgom of Great Britain. 




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