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Gone with the Wind and the Leaning Tower still leans

On December 15  in:


1791, the United States Bill of Rights becomes law when ratified by the Virginia General Assembly;


1939, Gone with the Wind receives its premiere at Loew's Grand Theatere in Atlanta, Georgia;


1967, the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River collapses, killing 46 people;


1970, Soviet  spacecraft Venera 7 successfully lands on Venus.  It is the first successful soft landing on another planet;


1973, the American Psychiatric Association votes 13-0 to remove homosexuality from its official list of psychiatric disorders, the DSM-II;

and in


2001, The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens after 11 years and $27,000,000 spent to fortify it, without fixing its famous lean.




The first appearances of Saturday Night Live and the steam ferry Juliana

On October 11 in:


1811, Inventor John Stevens' boat, the Juliana, begins operation as the first steam-powered ferry (service between New York City, New York and Hoboken, N.J.) 


1852, Australia's oldest university, University of Sydney, is inaugurated;


1890, In Washington, DC, the Daughters of the American Revolution is founded;


1906,  San Francisco public school board sparks a diplomatic crisis between the United States and Japan by ordering Japanese students to be taught in racially segregated schools;


1939, JC Penney opens store #1252 in Milford, Delaware, making it a nationwide company with stores in all 48 U.S. states;


1950, CBS's mechanical color system is the first to be licensed for broadcast by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission;


1975, the NBC sketch comedy/variety show Saturday Night Live debuts, hosted by George Carlin and featuring guests Andy Kaufman, Janis Ian and Billy Preston; and in


1986, Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Reykjavik, Iceland, in an effort to continue discussions about scaling back their intermediate missile arsenals in Europe.



Opium War and the original Weather Underground

On October 8 in:


1645, Jeanne Mance opens the Hotel-Dieu de Montreal, the first lay hospital in North America;


1856, the Second Opium War between several western powers and China begins with the Arrow Incident on the Pearl River;


1918, In the Argonne Forest in France, United States Corporal Alvin C. York kills 28 German soldiers and captures 132, for which he is awarded the Medal of Honor;


1939, Germany annexes Western Poland;


1956, the opening rally of the Days of Rage occurs, organized by the Weather Underground in Chicago, Illinois;


1991, Croatia votes to sever constitutional relations with Yugoslavia, rendering the country fully independent; and in


2001, U.S. President George W. Bush announces the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security. 

We're off to see the wizard!

On August 15, in:

1918, the animated short The Sinking of the Lusitania debuts. At 12 minutes, it's the longest piece of animation yet attempted, and notable for its somber subject matter

1939, The Wizard of Oz premieres in Hollywood;

1965, The Beatles play to 55,000 fans at Shea Stadium; and

1993, Nolan Ryan achieves his 324th and final victory, leading the Texas Rangers to a win against the Cleveland Indians. Ryan played in a MLB-record 27 seasons.

Dear Mr. President and goodbye Lamb Chop

On August 2 in:


1776, The Declaration of Independence is signed;


1870, Tower Subway, the world's first underground tube railway, opens in London, England;


1934, Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany following the death of President Paul von Hindenburg;


1939, Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard write a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging him to begin the Manhattan Project to develop a nuclear weapon; and in


1998, Shari Lewis, American television host and puppeteer dies at the age of 65. 

A Diary, a double murder and baseball

On June 12 in:


1978, David Berkowitz,  the "Son of Sam" killer is sentenced to 365 years in prison for six killings;


1898, Phillipine Declaration of Independence: General emilio Aguinaldo declares the Philippine's independence from Spain;


1942Anne Frank recieves a diary for her thirteenth birthday and in


1994,  Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman are murdered outside her home in LA. O.J. Simpson is later aquitted of the killings but is held              liable in wrongful death civil suit.


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