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Drink up...we're landing on an asteroid

1933, the Blaine Act ends Prohibition in the United States;


1980, Mount Everest, 1st winter ascent by Krzysztof Wielicki and Leszek Cichy;


1621, Myles Standish is appointed as first commander of Plymouth colony;


1863, a group of citizens of Geneva founded an International Committee for Relief to the Wounded, which later became known as the International Committee of the Red Cross;


1904, Madama Butterfly receives its premiere at La Scala in Milan;


1801, an electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burris resolved when Jefferson is elected President of the United States an Burr, Vice President by the U.S. House of Representatives; and in,


1996, NASA's Discovery Program begins as the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft lifts off on the first mission ever to orbit and land on an asteroid, 433 Eros. 

Christopher Columbus and the Flores Theater

1961, Sabena Fligh 548 crashes in Belgium, killing 73 , including the entire United States figure skating team, several coaches and family members;


1493, while on board the Nina, Christopher Columbus writes an open letter (widely distributed upon his return to Portugal) describing his discoveries and the unexpected items he came across in the New World;


1909, the Flores Theater fire in Acapulco, Mexico kills 250;  


1946, ENIAC, the first electronic general-purpose computer, is formally dedicated at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia;


2001, First draft of the complete human genome is published in Nature; and in 


1879, American President Rutherford B. Hayes signs a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Galileo and the Lindbergh baby


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A beheading, a"New Look" and the Gateway Arch

On February 12 in


1909, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) is founded.


1554, Lady Jane Grey is beheaded for treason a year after claiming the throne of England for nine days.


1963, Construction begins on the the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.


1947, Christian Dior unveils a "New Look", helping Paris regain it's position as the capital of the fashion world.and in


1809, Abraham Lincoln, American lawyer and politician, and 16th President of the United States is born in Kentucky. 

Chattanooga Choo Choo, Nelson Mandela and birth control

1990, Nelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster Prison outside Cape Town, South Africa after 27 years as a political prisoner;


1916, Emma Goldman is arrested for lecturing on birth control;


1531, Henry VIII of England is recognized as supreme head of the Church of England;


1794, First session of the United States Senate opens to the public;


55, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus, heir to the Roman emperorship, dies under mysterious circumstances in Rome, which clears the way for Nero to become Emperor; and in


1942, the first gold record is presented to Glenn Miller for "Chattanooga Choo Choo." 



Jefferson Davis;YWCA and Laura Ingalls Wilder

On February 10 in


1870, The YWCA is founded in New York City.


1996, The IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov in chess for the first time.


1861, Jefferson Davis is notified ny telegraph that he has been chosen as provisional President of the Confederate States of America.


1763, The Treaty of Paris ends the French and Indian War and France cedes Quebec to Great Britain.


1930, American author and illustrator, E.L. Konigsburg is born and in


1957, Beloved author Laura Ingalls Wilder dies at the age of 90. 

Joseph McCarthy, the Beatles and the Baseball Hall of Fame

1942, Year-round Daylight savings time is reinstated in the United States as a wartime measure to help conserve energy resources;


1969, the first test flight of the Boeing 747;


1971, Satchel Paige becomes the first Negro League player to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame;


1775, American Revolutionary War:  The British Parliament declares Massachusetts in rebellion;


1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the United States Department of State of being filled with Communists; and in


1964, the Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing before a "record-busting" audience of 73 million viewers. 



Color TV, the White House radio and the Boy Scouts

On February 8 in


1922, President Warren G. Harding introduces the first radio in the White House;


1910, The Boy Scouts of  America is incorporated by William Boyce;


1828, Jules Verne is born and in


1963, the first full Color Television program in the World, publiclly advertised, is broadcast in Mexico City and in


1587, Mary Queen of Scots is executed. 

The Beatles, a Mud March and Pinocchio

1812, The strongest in a series of earthquakes strikes New Madrid, Missouri;


1301, Edward of Caernarvon (later King Edward II of England) becomes the first English Prince of Wales;


1907, the Mud March is the first large procession organized by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS);


1940, The second full length animated Walt Disney film, Pinocchio, premieres;


1904, A fire in Baltimore, Maryland destroys over 1,500 buildings in 30 hours; and


1935, the classic boardgame, Monopoly, is invented.


Slam dunks, a queen regent and birth of the Babe

On February 6 in


1988, Michael Jordan makes his signature slam dunk fron the free throw line inspiring Air Jordan and the Jumpman logo;


1918, British woman over the age of 30 get the right to vote;


1952, Elizabeth II becomes queen regnant of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms upon the death of her father, King                       George VI;


1895, Babe Ruth, one of baseball's greats is born and in


1978,The Blizzard of 1978,one of the worst Nor'easters in New England history, hit the region, with sustained winds of 65 mph and snowfall              of 4" an hour


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