Sue, the T-Rex!

On August 12 in:

1898, Hawaii was annexed by the US; 

1977, we had the first free flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise;

1990, Sue, the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton found to date,  was discovered  by Sue Hendrickson in South Dakota; and

1994, Major baseball players go on strike, causing the 1994 World Series to be canceled.


The Sultan of Swat makes history and technology comes from an unlikely source

On August 11 in:


1921, American historian and author Alex Haley is born;


1929, Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Ohio;


1937, Edith Wharton dies at the age of 75;


1942, Actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil receive a patent for a Frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication system that later became the basis for modern technologies in wireless phones and Wi-Fi;


1965, Race riots begin in the Watts area of Los Angeles, Califorinia; and in 


1968, The last steam-hauled train runs on British Rail.'re on Candid Camera

On August 10 in 


1675, the foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, England is laid;


1680, the Pueblo Revolt begins in New Mexico;


1776, word of the United States Declaration of Independence reaches London;


1793, The Musee du Louvre opens in Paris;


1948Candid Camera makes its television debut (after a year of the radio show Candid Microphone);


1969, a day after murdering Sharon Tate and four others, members of Charles Manson's cult kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca;


1977, In Yonkers, NY, 24-ear old postal employee David Berkowitz "Son of Sam" is arrested; and in


1990, the Magellan space probe reaches Venus.


Betty Boop Debuts!

On August 9, in:

1892, Thomas Edison receives a patent for a 2 way telegraph;

1930, Betty Boop makes her cartoon debut in Dizzy Dishes;

1936, Jesse Owens becomes the first American to win 4 gold medals in the Summer Olympics; and in

1974, after the resignation of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford becomes the first US President to hold the office without having been elected in any national election.

Tornado in Brooklyn and a infamous walk across a street in London


On August 8 in:


1863, Following his defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation to Confederate President Jefferson Davis (it is refused upon receipt);


1876, Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph;


1896, American author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is born;


1929, The German Airship Graf Zeppelin begins a round-the-world flight;


1969, At a zebra crossing in London, photographer Iain Macmillan takes the photo that becomes the cover of the Beatles album Abbey Road, one of the most famous album covers in recording history;


1974, President Richard Nixon, in a nationwide telexision address, announces his resignation from the office of the President of the United States effective noon the next day; and in


2007, An EF2 tornado touches down in Kings County and Richmond County, New York, the most powerful tornado in New York to date and the first in Brooklyn since 1889. 

Barry Bonds and a record breaking swim

On August 7 in


1782, George Washington orders the creation of the Badge of Military merit to honor soldiers wounded in battle.  It is later renamed to the more poetic Purple Heart;


1927, the Peace Bridge opens between Fort Eries, Ontario and Buffalo, New York;


1930,  the last confirmed lynching of blacks in the Northern United States occurs in Marion, Indiana.  Two men, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, are killed;


1959, Explorer 6 launched from the Atlantic Missile Range in Cape Canaveral, Florida;


1981, The Washington Star ceases all operation after 128 years of publication;


 1987, Lynne Cox becomes the first person to swim from the U.S. to the Soviet Union, crossing from Little Diomede Island in Alaska to Big Diomede in the Soviet Union; and in


2007, Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants breaks baseball great Hank Aaron's record by hitting his 756th home run. 

Let's twist again, like we did last summer!

On August 6 in:

1960, Chubby Checker does the Twist for the first time on TV, appearing on American Bandstand;

1962, Jamaica becomes independent after 300 years of British rule;

1979, Marcus Hooper, 12, becomes the youngest person to swim the English Channel; and

1996, NASA announces that life may have existed on Mars.

Good bye Norma Jean and bon voyage Mayflower!

On August 5 in:


1620, The Mayflower departs from Southhampton, England on its first attempt to reach North America;


1861, The United States Army abolishes flogging;


1926, Harry Houdini performs his greatest feat, spending 91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping;


1957, American Bandstand, a show dedicated to the teenage baby boomers by playing the songs and showing popular dances,debuts on ABC;


1962, Apartheid in South Africa:  Nelson Mandela is jailed. He would not be released until 1990; and in


1962, Marilyn Monroe, American model, actress, and singer dies.    

Lizzie Borden and Anne Frank

On this day in


1783, Mount Asama erupts in Japan, killing about 1400 people.  The eruption causes famine, which results in an additional 20,000 deaths;


1789, in France, members of the National Consituent Assembly take an oath to end feudalism and abandon their privileges;


1821, Atkinson & Alexander publish The Saturday Evening Post for the first time as a weekly newspaper;


1892, the father and stepmother of Lizzie Borden are found murdered in their Fall River, Massachusetts home;


1944, a tip from a Dutch informer leads the Gestapo to a sealed-off area in an Amsterdam warehouse, where they find Anne Frank, her family, and four others;


1958, the Billboard Hot 100 is published for the first time; and in


1987, the  Federal Communications Commission rescinds the Fairness Doctrine, which had required radio and television stations to present controversial issues "fairly".

Is the world flat...stay tuned....

On August 3 in

1492, Columbus sets sail on his first voyage with the Nina, the Pinta & the Santa Maria;

1900, Firestone Tire & Rubber Company is founded;

1963, The Beatles gave their final performance at The Cavern in Liverpool; and in

1971, Paul McCartney announces the formation of his group Wings


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