What you will need:
Cardboard TP or PT roll
White glue
White paint
2 paintbrushes (one for paint and one for glue)
How to make it:
Start with the cardboard center from a roll of paper towels or toilet paper. Using rolls of different sizes is great.
Flatten it, or them, with your hands.
Use a ruler and scissors to cut the flattened roll into strips. Any size is okay, so long as the strips are all the same. I find that around 1/4 inch works best.
Paint the strips white and let them dry.
Put a dab of white glue on each side of each strip, and use clothspins to hold them together . . . like this.
Make whatever pattern you want to - your only limit is the number of strips you cut (and the number of
clothespins you have).
Add a second batch of strips if you want to make a more complex shape. While your strips are drying, mix some white glue . . .
with water to make a slurry glue solution. Paint the solution onto your snowflake and . . .sprinkle it with glitter.