This is a project we made at the library on Earth Day because it is made completely with recycled materials!
Well, almost completely. You need a photograph to display in this super cool frame. Do NOT use your
ORIGINAL photo. Make a copy - if your printer does not copy, get a friend to do it for you, or come to the
library to make a copy here (10 cents).

What you will need:
Copy of a photo
Old newspaper
Glue/glue stick
Strong tape
Watercolor paint - optional
Empty cereal box

This how you do it:
Cut your empty cereal box down one side, so you can work with it inside out.
Draw and cut two rectangles. You want one the size of your photo and one bigger to be the frame behind it.
The bigger rectangle can be any size you like (even square), just hold your photo over it to decide what you like
Then draw and cut a third shape (the leg) in the shape of the leg template. See template here.
Now wrap the frame piece in newspaper - like wrapping a present. Secure with a bit of glue.
Paint the frame. Touches of color here and there - not too much water or the paper will warp. Let it dry
Use some glue to attach your photo to the smaller rectangle, then attach that to your painted frame.
I like to decorate the frame with interesting cutouts from the news paper - just glue them on.
Use packing tape or duct tape to make a "hinge" that attaches the leg to the frame.
It's ready for display!