Artist of the month

June 2017

Viola Marino


This June, Monroe Free Library will feature the artwork of Viola Marino. Marino, 92, was born in Queens and now lives in Monroe. As a child, she watched her brothers create pencil sketches, sceneries, and architectural drawings at the dining room table. She attributes her success in art to these early experiences along with a “natural eye for it.”

Her painting career began after purchasing a painting set for her son, which sat untouched for more than a year. “I decided that someone had better get some use out of it,” Marino recalled. She took up the oil paints and began by imitating the works of painters she admired. “I have no formal training,” she says proudly.

Marino’s portraits and landscapes will be on display at the library until the end of June.

May 2017

Hannah Johnson


Hannah's interest in art began while she was attending high school, where she experimented with henna body art. In her junior year, she decided to focus her efforts on art in an attempt to enroll in college as an art major. She dedicated her entire senior year to art, with an emphasis on drawing and painting, and graduated with a New York State High School Diploma with a distinction in the arts.

Hannah enjoys working with new media, and that drive to create and experiment with various materials is evident in the works on display. Some of her favorite art styles include paper cutting, paper quilling, ceramics, and printmaking.

With her art, Hannah tries to convey some fundamental themes: religious freedom and tolerance, the empowerment of women and girls, and the driving forces of peace, love, and happiness.

april 2017

Anna Wong-Kang


Monroe Free Library Welcomes Artist Anna Wong-Kang

Monroe, NY -- The artwork of Anna Wong-Kang will be on display at the Monroe Free Library throughout the month of April. After working as a medical professional in New York City, Wong-Kang found a new passion for art and painting after moving to Monroe. She immediately fell in love with the beauty of the Hudson Valley and now landscapes feature heavily in her art.

Wong-Kang enjoys traveling and experiencing eastern and western cultures, using her camera to capture each country’s unique aesthetic landscapes. Later, she adds her creativity and imagination to these scenes as she renders them in acrylic and watercolor paints.

“I like lots of color in painting,” Wong-Kang says, “It brings brightness and freedom into my artworks. Painting gives me so much peace and joy in my mind.”

Wong-Kang’s landscapes will be on display at the library until the end of April.



Peter J. Krobath


This November, Monroe Free Library will be displaying the work of painter Peter J. Krobath.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Fine Art-Painting, Krobath pursued a career in advertising and graphic design but always considered painting as his primary vocation. His style is borne out of photo-realist movement of the 1960’s with Richard Estes, Don Eddy and Chuck Close serving as spearheads of inspiration. Painting interchangeably in watercolor and oils his subject matter ranges from still life to landscape and most distances in between.

“While photo-realistic themes have often focused on urban and popular culture images," Kroboth explains, "my passions are grounded in the sensibilities and tradition of the Hudson River School and the beauty of the Hudson Valley, the place I call home."

The work will be on display at the library until the end of the month.


June 2016

Mary Mugele Sealfon 


MONROE, NY - In June, Monroe Free Library will display the work of Orange County plein air painter Mary Mugele Sealfon. Entranced by the Hudson Valley, Sealfon enjoys landscape painting, portraiture, and still life, in pastel and oil.

After receiving her BA painting, UCSB and MA printmaking, NYU, she pursued a graphic design career in NYC and is currently teaching at SUNY Orange and The Wallkill River School. She is represented by the Wallkill River Art Gallery, Montgomery, NY.

A member of the Garrison Art Center's Plein Air Painters, she also participates in the Palisades Park “Artists in the Park” program, painting and exhibiting at several park locations.

"Though I grew up amidst the amazing beauty of the San Francisco bay area and the Sierra Mountains of California," says Sealfon, "I find the Hudson Valley equally inspiring. . . Paintings are more alive when painted on location. Perhaps the joy of the experience is somehow transferred to the painting."

Sealfon's paintings are on display at her web site. Her work will be on view at the library until the end of the month.

May 2016


In May, Monroe Free Library is featuring the photography and digital artwork of Monroe artist Sfields. The library features the visual art of a different local artist every month.

Sfields is a photographer and digital artist working out of Monroe, New York. She holds a BA and is graduate of the Art and Art History program (Studio Concentration) at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

After graduating in 2010, she was awarded a Post-Baccalaureate Internship at the college and had a solo show “i am (not)” in Spring of 2011 at the Goodyear Gallery in Carlisle,PA. She has also shown in group shows at various academic establishments such as The Kinsey Institute Gallery at Indiana College, and independent venues and businesses in Orange County, NY.

Sfields’ current work focuses on time, space, and creation, using photography to fabricate new images of alternate existences and realities. This exploration has manifested itself in a collection of various series, including The Quaker Experiments. This specific set of images was created using photos only taken from a small area of land in Monroe, on different days and at different moments of the day. 

The raw photographic work is digitally processed and manipulated, resulting in a singularly unique product. Each completed work offers a glimpse into a reality and existence parallel to the universe as the viewer knows it.

The artwork is on display at .

february 2016

Marilyn McIntosh

In February, Monroe Free Library is featuring the scrapbook art of Orange County resident Marilyn McIntosh. She uses inks, paints, photographs, and products and tools that make every scrapbook page a fresh composition while she looks both backward (learning about family history) and forward (chronicling the life of her grandson).

Marilyn writes:

Thirteen years ago my Mom turned 80 and I decided to throw her a party.  When it was over I had many very nice photographic memories of this special day.  I approached my daughter, our resident artist, about making some kind of memory book from the photos and thus started my own rewarding artistic journey.  When I think of how little I knew and how little I had to work with at the start I have to laugh.  It all fit in a shoebox with a little extra room to grow.  It took a year to make that book and my daughter and I learned a lot.  The birth of my grandchild took my daughter out of the picture and now I was left on my own to fumble through my next project – a scrapbook of a trip to Nova Scotia.  From there I was ready to conquer the scrapbooking world.

Through watching YouTube videos just about every evening, I have learned about inks, paints, mediums and a host of other very exciting products and tools that have taken me on a journey through time.  I have learned about family history by documenting our old photos found in a jumble in the attic.  I have chronicled the life of my grandson from birth.  I have designed wedding albums, baby books, Christmas compendiums and albums of plain everyday single “layouts”, having fun and leaving a enduring record of my family’s life for future generations.  It has been a rewarding, creative and educational ride.


Marilyn works full-time at a day job that has kept her busy for more than thirty years: she's the library's Executive Director. The library reopened last spring after its renovation, and when space was reserved to feature the work of visual artists, she was asked if she'd consider exhibiting.


January 2016


William Tranum

MONROE, NY  -  In January, Monroe Free Library is featuring the photography of Monroe photographer Bill Tranum.

Tranum has had a passion of photography for most of his life. While landscape and wildlife photography have always been favorites, portrait, wedding, events and architectural structure soon followed.

Having moved to the Hudson Valley from California in 2004, Bill was astounded at the natural beauty of the area and continues to find new inspiration here. Residing in Monroe, Bill seldom goes anywhere without his camera, always looking for the beauty he can capture through the lens.

Bill has photographed many places, including Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, and Amsterdam, and has trained with world-renowned fashion photographers.

His work is featured at his Web site, His prints will be mounted at the library starting Monday, January 4. 

December 2015

Al Nickerson>

MONROE, NY - In December, Monroe Free Library is featuring the comic art of Orange County resident Al Nickerson. The library has more display space than ever before as a result of its recent expansion and features the visual art of a different local artist every month.

Al Nickerson is a comic book artist, writer, and self-publisher. He has been a professional comic book artist since 1994, working for a variety of publishers and inking popular characters like Spider-Man, Superman, the Justice League, and Archie & Jughead.

As an animator and designer, Al worked for of Sesame Street, MTV
Animation, and Nickelodeon. He was the co-creator and co-producer of the
award-winning animated short, Joey and the Dinosaur: Neighborly Greetings. He's a professor at SUNY Orange, where he teaches the class Sequential Art: Comics Illustration.

Al is currently focusing on his parallel career as a self-publisher. He has published creator-owned comic books including The Arggh!!! Chronicles 2000 Edition and Nihilist-Man And His Amazing Friends.

Al is publishing his own comic book series An Act Of Faith ( The art on display at the library is drawn from this series, and features both original art (penciled lines visible under India ink, complete with corrections) and finished prints (which are colored and mounted).

Al's art will be on display at the library until January 4.

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