This is just so completely cool!

What you will need:

a bar of Ivory soap


microwave oven

What  you do:
Cut a bar of Ivory soap in half. Put one half in the oven (on a mocrowave safe-plate)and "cook it" on high for 90 seconds. The soap will swell up into a cloud five times the size of the original soap!

Why it works:
Ivory soap is famously made with tiny air bubbles, which makes it float in water. (It was originally maketed with the slogan "it floats".)

When the soap goes in and the microwave goes on, the air bubbles inside the bar heat up faster than the soap enclosing them, and the air "pushes" the soap out and up, and it makes a puffy cloud of soap flakes.

As soon as the microwave is shut off, the cloud starts to collapse - but it also starts to cool. It cools faster than it collapses, which is why you end up with a big, flakey
cloud. You can break pieces off to wash your hands or use it in the bath or shower.