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(v) to drive someone crazy by making them doubt their memory or perceptions.


(v.) wager; bet

From French in- + ponere to put 


(n) One having great power; especially an autocratic person.


(n) the urge to secretly look through windows of homes as one passes by.


(v) pretending reluctance or indifference when you are actually willing or eager; saying no and meaning yes.



(n.)  hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change.

Comes from the Greek miso-  + neos meaning "hatred" and "new."




(adj.) having the texture or appearance of wood.



(v.) to give a sketchy outline of; to disclose partially or guardedly.


(v). the act of mentally undressing someone.


(adj.) Having two wings or winglike appendages; of or relating to the two-winged flies.

From Greek dipteros di- (two) + pteron (wing) 

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(verb) to complain loudly or angrily

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