Circulation Policy.


In keeping with the mission statement of the Monroe Free Library, open and wide access to available material will be made to all current and potential library users in the community on an equal basis. The following sets policy for length of loan periods, renewals, reserves/interlibrary loans, overdue materials, damaged materials, and fines. The library will determine who is eligible to borrow materials and will provide for the return or replacement of such material. In order to borrow any material, a patron must present a valid library card. At no time may staff check out material by typing in a patron ID, patron barcode number, or a patron's name.

Obtaining a Monroe Free Library Card

To obtain an MFL library card one must:

  1. Be a resident within the town of Monroe and where the Library's funding is represented on a line item in their property tax bill.
  2. Provide one piece of identification with the applicant's photograph a physical address. Identification with a P.O. Box only will not be accepted as proof.
  3. An optional photo of the patron will be taken at time of issuance.

NOTE: Library card applications do not leave the building. All new cards will be handed over to the patron at time of sign-up.

Obtaining a Library Card Under Age 18

An applicant who is under eighteen (18) must have a parent or guardian present at the time the application is made. All of the above rules apply with the caveat that the parent or guardian's identification is sufficient and acceptable proof for the minor.

Obtaining a Temporary Library Card

Patrons who are not eligible for a RCLS library card, but will be living in the Monroe/Harriman area for an extended period of time may apply for a temporary card. The patron must:

  1. Pay $100.00 for a one year membership or $25.00 for a 3 month membership
  2. Follow general Monroe Free Library rules.

Note: a Temporary Monroe Free Library card can be used at the Monroe Free Library only and is limited to 15 items out on the card at a time.

Upon completing the application process and providing proper identification a patron will immediately be provided with his or her library card.

Card Replacement

When a MFL library card is lost, it can be replaced by applying in person. There is a $3.00 charge for any replacement card. This fee is non-refundable and once a card is set to "lost", it is no longer valid

When a patron moves from any other RCLS library to Monroe, a replacement card can be issued to the patron at no cost.

When a patron moves from any other RCLS library to Monroe, a replacement card is issued at no cost. When a Monroe Free Library card becomes unusable or damaged, a replacement card is issued at no cost. This card will be handed to patron over the counter and old/damaged card will be destroyed.

Responsibility of the Library Card Holder

Cardholders are responsible for material checked out on their library card whether the owner of the card or anyone else uses the card. If card is lost, the cardholder must notify the library immediately to prevent liability for future borrowed material.

Library Loan Periods

The Monroe Free Library establishes standard loan periods for the various materials in their collection. These loan periods apply to all individual cardholders and are as follows:

  • 14-day loan for new fiction, express fiction and music CDs
  • 28-day loan for all non-fiction, older fiction, mysteries, large print books, pamphlets, books-on-tape/CD, juvenile materials, and miscellaneous material
  • 7-day loan for magazines
  • 3-day loan for single DVDs
  • 7-day loan for DVD sets, travel, fitness and foreign DVDs.
  • Reference materials are not available for circulation.

NOTE: loan periods for materials borrowed through interloan (coming from other libraries) adhere to the checkout library's loan periods and fines.

Occasionally patrons need more time with material they have borrowed. The following are rules and restrictions that apply to renewals:

  • Magazines are not renewable
  • Patron can renew an MFL item twice
  • Materials must be renewed with a patron's library card or on the Internet. Material that is eligible for renewal will be renewed automatically with the following exceptions: If the item(s) has exceeded the renewal limit or if the item is on hold for another patron or if the patron's record has reached a maximum fine of $10.00.
  • Note: if the person comes into library for the renewal, material in question may or may not be present.
  • No telephone renewals are accepted
  • If the item is on reserve for another patron, item cannot be renewed.

Overdue Materials

All materials will be considered overdue if they have not been returned or renewed on the day after the due date. At 70 days, the material is set to "lost" by the computer system and a notice will be generated as a courtesy to inform the patron of overdue material.

Lost and Damaged Items

Materials will not be checked out to any patrons with any lost items on their record. Material will not be checked out to patrons with fines over $10.00 or more. If a patron has paid for a lost item and later finds that item, no refund will be issued and the patron may keep the previously lost and paid-for item. Fines are waived when a patron pays for a lost item.

Occasionally, material becomes damaged through misuse or carelessness on the part of the borrower. If this is determined to be the case, the borrower must pay the replacement cost of the item as determined by the price set up in the computer or determined by the department supervisor. Use of the borrower's library card is suspended until the matter is cleared up. The borrower then "owns" the damaged item. NOTE: a patron who allows another party to check items out to his/her card is responsible for those items.

Returning Material

When the library is closed, the drop box located on the side of the building is open for items that are being returned. All material can be put into the drop box. If these items are put into the drop box between the closing of the library and opening the next day, they are checked in on the previous day's date.

All items can be returned to any RCLS library except if noted on the item.

Placing Material on Reserve

Monroe Free Library allows RCLS cardholders in good standing to place a hold or reserve on its own material and to request material from other RCLS libraries when they are unavailable at the Monroe Free Library. Requests may be made in person, by telephone or by internet via the library's home page (www.monroefreelibrary.org). Patrons have four (4) days to pick up material after they are notified either by phone or e-mail. If the item(s) is not picked up on a timely basis, a cancellation will automatically be sent via email to the patron and the item will be sent back to the lending library or reshelved if the item belongs to the Monroe Free Library.

Approved 06/2010.

Revised 06/2018.



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