Gift Policy.


Donations and contributions are indispensable to the Library's well-being. Gifts (as referred to below) can be in the form of library materials (books, magazines, tapes, etc.), personal property or equipment (computers, furniture, real estate, etc.), money, or bequests. All such are encouraged and accepted under the following conditions.

Gifts are accepted by the Library with the understanding that they are evaluated according to the same selection policy that governs purchased materials. See Material Selection and Collection Development Policies.

Gifts will be accepted with the understanding that they are freely given without conditions attached. The library reserves the right to add them to its collections, distribute them to other libraries, sell or discard them.

No gifts will be accepted on which the donor places restrictions or special conditions, unless those restrictions or conditions are specifically accepted by the Library Board of Trusteess.

Gifts will be formally acknowledged, if the donor wishes. The Library will not appraise or estimate the value of gifts for tax or other purposes. The Library will provide, on request, a pre-printed signed receipt acknowledging the amount of hard and/or soft covered books received.

The Library reserves the right to accept or discard, at its discretion, any unsolicited material sent to the Library.

Individual staff cannot accept monetary gifts from the public.

Approved 5/19/1997

Revised 9/8/2008

Revised 1/11/2010

Revised 5/14/2018






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