Internet Policy.


The Monroe Free Library provides library users with the best and most current resources available in part, by offering patrons access to the Internet from workstations in the library. The Internet will be managed in a manner consistent with the Monroe Free Library's User Behavior Policy, approved by the Board of Trustees on February 10, 1998.

Terms of Use

The Internet is available for use to all adults who both possess valid RCLS (Ramapo-Catskill Library System) library cards and have signed an Internet agreement. It is also available to all minors who possess valid RCLS library cards and who have the signed consent of a parent/guardian. (See point 4 below).

The library's Internet access is a library resource and is intended primarily as an information and research tool. It is not acceptable to use the Monroe Free Library's Internet so as to interfere with, or disrupt other users, services, or equipment. Such activities may result in the loss of Internet privileges and/or criminal prosecution. The library reserves the right to establish limitations on certain Internet activities, such as downloading.

Library computers are for information and communication purposes. Due to the extensive resources accessible via the Internet, some of which may be inappropriate, inaccurate, or offensive to some users, it is the individual user's responsibility to exercise discretion and to be responsible for his or her actions in navigating the network. The library in no way guarantees the privacy of the Internet user. Patrons may not change settings, damage or misuse equipment, download files, software, or other information, or engage in illegal activities on the Internet. Inappropriate use is not permitted. Patrons will only receive one verbal warning of inappropriate internet usage. Any subsequent violations of this policy will result in the loss of Internet access privileges for a period of one (1) year.

Minors (children under 18 years of age) desiring to use the library's Internet must provide written consent from their parents or legal guardian, and the parent/guardian will be responsible for setting and conveying the standards that should be followed by their children when utilizing the Internet. Parents/guardians should be aware that, upon consent, their children will have the same unlimited access to the Internet that all patrons would benefit from, and that the only way to monitor or control their children's search is for the parent/guardian to be present with their child. The library does not monitor users to ensure that they are not accessing inappropriate, lewd, and offensive materials, and therefore is not responsible for the Internet's content.

The library cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of information found on the Internet. Library patrons are advised, as with all library materials, to exercise judgement and discrimination when evaluating the usefulness and reliability of information found on the Internet.

The library will establish procedures that will make Internet stations available on a first come, first served basis. The library reserves the right to limit the amount of time a patron, or a pair of patrons, may use the station per appointment and the number of appointments a patron may make per day or per week. Patrons should bear in mind that the appointment time includes printing time.

The library reserves the right to establish fees for online printing by patrons.

Due to the demands on staff time, staff assistance on computer functions will be very limited. Patrons with information needs that they cannot resolve on their own will be advised to attend one of the library's Internet workshop offerings. Furthermore, those patrons who are new to or uncomfortable with using the Internet and need special instruction must attend a scheduled Internet workshop.

Patrons use the computer at their own risk. Monroe Free Library is not responsible for damages that result from using the computers, the Internet, or other equipment of any kind.

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